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Slaughter of the Innocents in Duccio's Castle

if i absolutely had to choose ONE favourite Painter it would be Duccio di Buoninsegna a Medieval Master from the 1200's. 'slaughter of the innocents' refers to the bible story of king Herod ordering the execution of every male child under 2 years old. it was a common theme for medieval painters and Duccio painted it a few times. the way he paints architecture is what really floors me, hence 'Duccio's Castle' . And yes in these enlightened times there remains the daily trek of innocents to the slaughter, no?

my ukulele compatriot the lonesome cowboy teddybear Elvis the mighty fine Sam Auger has this painting.

During our holiday, we visited our friends Sam and Carolina in the Wairarapa, who bought Duccio's Castle some years ago. There is something so wonderful about walking into someone's lounge and seeing Francis's painting in pride of place in their lovely creative home. The gold wallpaper is like some ornate frame from a century ago. I love how it quite literally towers over you in their lounge!

- MS

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