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One in a Million

What's this then aye?

I've got a fair bit to catch you up on, I see.

After 9 years of intensive practice as a mental health nurse, it has dawned on me that I need to return to doing my art to support my own creative wellbeing. Lately I have been consolidating my creative thoughts, and began painting again with a vengeance.

Over these recent years, my creative practice has been developing in power and scope, and I am now ready to embark on the most terrifying, thrilling and ambitious art project I could dream of.

I am fuelled by my passion to connect and reconcile my paintings with my work at the acute psychiatric department of Wellington Hospital "Ward 27" and a great determination to be able to make my art AND support my family. Sooooo....

I'm taking a year out of my nursing career to create 1 million works of art. That's an artwork every 8 seconds.

Ambitious? Well that's an understatement. I did a trial run last weekend. The image above is one of my backgrounds, which I am over-printing with a woodcut of one of my "structures". I'm currently running at an artwork every 20 seconds. So, like a marathon runner, I've got some training to do!

I'm going to sell them for $1 each, and the first $250,000 of the proceeds will support a mental health project which focusses on bringing the stories of people with mental illness into the light.

If you'd like to keep updated as this project rolls out and gathers momentum - you can sign up to receive my not spammy newsletter:

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